Matchmaking websites


Matchmaking websites

  • Business/Office Applications
  • Communication Applications
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Travel Applications
  • Fun Applications / Games
  • Utility Applications
  • Security Applications

We have created industry specific solutions for some of the industries using best business practices. Which can be tweaked or modified to suit your needs.

Want to set up an Internet dating site? Digital Trendz can assist you with their online dating software that is totally customised to your specifications. Our powerful and automated online dating software enables you to create a fully functional and interactive dating or social website.

Customise with your own branding – Customise your online dating software in any way.

Dynamic profile fields – Create as many profile fields and groups, as you need and organise them by type for more flexibility.

Pictures, videos and music Allow your users to upload all kinds of media content and share it with their friends and family.

Private messages and chat Users can send each other private messages and chat live using built in instant messenger.

Blogs, guest books and events Keep your site fresh and dynamic by letting users write blogs, sign guest books and create events.

Security and spam protection Our dating script comes with unique features that help you fight spammers more effectively than ever.

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