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Directory Websites and solutions

  • Business/Office Applications
  • Communication Applications
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Travel Applications
  • Fun Applications / Games
  • Utility Applications
  • Security Applications

We have created industry specific solutions for some of the industries using best business practices. Which can be tweaked or modified to suit your needs.

Manual Submission

Creating listings yourself is quick and easy, you simply login to the admin area use the ‘add new directory’ pages to create listings manually.
You can setup each directory listing with all the basic information such as titles, descriptions etc as well as assigned special options such as a ‘featured listing’ which displays it at the top of your search pages and is highlighted.

Membership Packages

Setup your own membership packages and earn money from your website visitor submissions.
Membership packages allow you to apply extra features to a directory listings such as HTML descriptions, image space, featured and highlighted listings in search etc, you can setup your own prices and choose how long the packages last for before they expire.

CSV Import Tools

With this advanced feature you can quickly import thousands of directory listings into your website using a spread sheet.
The CSV import tool allows you to format and manage your listings using a spreadsheet file, you can then import and update listings using your spreadsheet rather than doing it manually..

Database Import Tool

If your currently using a directory script developed by another provider then moving from their platform to ours can be made easy with our database import tool.
The import tool connects to your existing directory database and tries to transfer your listing information to our solution.

Domz Import Tools

Domz is an open directory website with millions of directory listings for you to import into your website.
A quick way to import new listings into your directory website is using the Domz import tool which allows you to input a link on the Domz website and the theme will grab all directory listings found on that page.

User/Employee Management

With our directory theme you can create admin, employees and basic website members allowing your website to grow with your business. When your directory grows into a successful business and you need to hire staff you can do and in the mean time you can manage your client

Member’s Own Space!

Whenever a visitor signs up on your website they get their own account area where they can login and customize their profile information, view and manage their directory listings and send messages. This is a great way of keeping your customer details up to and looking professional at the same time.

One Login Screen

To maintain the professional look, Our solution transforms the usual login screen within WordPress to match the rest of your website so that your visitors don’t realize your using a WordPress system. This is great for both design and preventing unwanted spam.

Security, Security..

Our Solution has been developed using the latest coding technologies, it has been optimized for best performance and is very lightweight and secure. You can also ‘plugin’ many different security options within WordPress such as login and spam protection.

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