Intranet portals


Intranet portals

  • Business/Office Applications
  • Communication Applications
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Travel Applications
  • Fun Applications / Games
  • Utility Applications
  • Security Applications

We have created industry specific solutions for some of the industries using best business practices. Which can be tweaked or modified to suit your needs.

Intranet systems are web applications that are designed and developed for use within an organisation. The main purpose of an intranet system is to communicate, share information and operate more effectively with member of the company as well as with customers and suppliers.

Though it is used mostly within a company’s network, external access plays just as important a feature to enable staff and teams working remotely to access vital business information for a smooth and continued work process.

Information in an intranet system

The types of information shared and accessed via an intranet system could include:

– business goals, knowledgebase and documents
– product and service information
– sales and marketing material
– customer details
– calendar of events and schedules

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